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Presented by Jessen James

If you’re serious about living your life on your terms by building a successful online business...
Lovely, you need to read this...
If you’re serious about running a business or looking to get into a lucrative career in sales...

you need to read this...
There Are 3 Types Of People Who This Training Is For:
  • Business Owner: You already have products and services to sell and wish to get professional training on how to sell and close more business!
  • Independent Sales Consultant: You work in a job right now that you hate and are looking for a new career. You want to get more freedom selling other people’s products and services for huge commission pay outs.
  • Career Change/Promotion: You want to advance careers, obtain a highly valuable, high income generating skill so you can command a highly paid role in a company or approach your boss for massive promotion.
Yes, you will learn all of this at Level 1 Sales Foundation Training with Jessen James (and yes, it really is free for you).
So, Why Should You Become A Certified Client Acquisition Specialist

(AKA A 'High Income Generator')

And Launch Your NEW Lucrative Career In Sales?

From: Jessen James, 

Let me know if this is what happened to you...

"Covid-19 Hit And You Have Been Left Wondering How Do I Get Back On My Feet After This..?"

 If so, then it is imperative that you read on...

If your business has been hit hard during these times, you are employed and getting 80% of your wages paid right now or you're self-employed and lost your income completely, then it is time to ensure you never put yourself in this position again!

It’s time to learn a new high income generating skill that will allow you to work “remotely” or in person if you wish.

That skill is one that has been around for centuries and used to influence the masses.

This life changing skill will allow you to work “smartly” in a way that allows you to work less and earn more. 

It will allow you to build a recession proof business, secure the future of your family and loved ones and ensure you never worry about economic crises again.

"So What Is This Life Changing Skill....?"

Well, if you’re looking for a “get Rich quick” solution right now then please click away and join the rest of “team dreamer” who talk a lot and never achieve much.

If, however you’re willing to learn, adapt and build upon your skill base by launching a new career which doesn’t require you to study for years, take exams or defer earning until you get a nice shiny certificate then this is for you...👇

People who have this skill are high income earners, they work both remotely and in person. 

They build wealth and secure themselves against economic downfalls because they took the time to learn this high-income generating skill...

These WINNERS all know the ART of “Speaking To Sell”

[Read that again]
They are using their voices, using the ancient art of talking to people, whether that’s online, on the phone, face to face meetings or in front of a live audience to generate serious, no BS, ETHICAL income.

People who know how to Speak to Sell can close business in a way that no others can because they don’t actually “sell” to people, they help people to “sell to themselves” without coming across pushy, desperate, sleazy or needy!

They are selling their own products and services as well as selling other people’s, making huge commissions and not having to deliver any of it!

Imagine closing £2, £5, £7, £10, £20 even £50,000 or more worth of business in one conversation? In most cases within 60 minutes or less using this skill ANYONE can learn?

It’s all possible when you join this exclusive group of open minded, highly influential professionals who are crushing it right now, speaking to sell!

"If I Can't Earn Decent, Consistent Income Doing Something That I Love..."

Then Do I Even Stand A Chance In Life?

My name is Jessen James, and I'm the Founder of "The Client Acquisition School ™".

But, I'm gonna be honest with you...

I didn't start my "professional" life as a Sales Person, International Speaker & Sought After Business Mentor, in fact I used to be a Mental Health Nurse.

At this point, perhaps you are thinking... how does Mental Health nurse transition into becoming a serial entrepreneur AND running a Multiple Businesses? Well I'm living proof that anyone can do it.

When I started I had no skills in making money OR running a business.

In-fact, I lost thousands of pounds of my hard earned money on a business that could have made me many more thousands in turn had I known what to do...

I knew that I was missing something that I did not have at the time...

Knowledge AND a System.

So I began my search.

Did I make more mistakes?

You can be sure that I did, BUT I was learning from everyone of them even when they cost me dearly.

I couldn't just rely on the what I knew, I had to do things differently... I had to be smarter.

That Was 15 Years Ago...

Over the years, I started to win more. My businesses were growing and I found that people were coming to me to ask me how THEY could do what I was doing in my businesses and find success and time freedom like I did.

And it wasn't just by accident, I was able to do this multiple times and realised that there were processes that I was following that allowed me to do so.

I wanted to know if others could get the same results I had...

So I tested my training on my clients, who sure enough, were able to build their businesses to the same level I had and achieve tremendous results.

My Mistakes Were Making Me Money...

I realised that those costly mistakes, were the reason why I was ABLE to Coach and Mentor business owners and entrepreneurs to also start generating more revenue into their lives and living a life of abundance. 

Are YOU ready to upgrade your skillset and start earning what you truly deserve?

As I was coaching and mentoring, I decided to start putting these processes together into a system to help other business owners and entrepreneurs that I work with.

I spent 5 years putting all of my training together into a unique method that until now, I've only taught to my elite group of students. Allow me to introduce you to...

"The Client Acquisition Formula™"

And for the very first time I've made the same method that I only teach my Elite Inner Circle students, available for YOU to learn in a special online masterclass... 

If you are ANY of the below...

  • Business Owner: You already have products and services of your own to sell and wish to get professional training on how to sell and close more business!
  • Independent Sales Consultant: You want to quit your job and set up as a highly paid, independent Client Acquisition Specialist, selling other people's products and services for huge commission payouts!
  • Career Change/Promotion: You want to change careers, obtain a highly valuable, high income generating skill so you can command a highly paid role in a company or approach your boss for massive promotion!

Then it is time to do something about it and learn The Client Acquisition Formula™

And The Great Thing Is...

You can use it in any niche or industry! No matter what sector you are in or would like to get into, EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS TO MAKE MONEY!

Client Acquisition Specialists (people who qualify from The Client Acquisition School™) know the step-by-step process to take a prospect or lead, present a Sales Opportunity to them then CLOSE THE DEAL consistently. 

That's EXACTLY what it did for my graduate Chloë, who made more money in one weekend, than she did in the whole year when she was working in full time employment

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Inside of this FREE Training...

Here Is Exactly What 
You Will Discover!

During this 90 Minute Training (with a LIVE Q&A Session with me afterwards) you will Learn

Section #1: Sales Psychology

  • Why most people never make any sales because they don't know this a little know sales psychology secret that I will reveal LIVE on the training
  • What goes on in a prospect's mind when making buying decisions and how you can use this knowledge to even have them beg you to take their money… (And have them thank you for it)
  • How you can have unstoppable sales confidence even if you are not the most confident or outspoken person

Section #2: Money Mindset

  • How your current money blueprint is affecting your income!
  • How to improve your attitude to wealth and attract more of it into your life
  • How to educate your prospect on money mindset so they 'ethically' buy from you!

Section #3: Sales Presentation

  • Why most people do not know how to present a sales offering and how to avoid being one of them!
  • How to turn your sales presentation into a 'roadmap' your prospect becomes hungry to follow!
  • Why SELLING and CLOSING are two completely different skillsets! Not understanding this difference is the reason why most sales people struggle to in a sales job.

Section #4: Positioning

  • How to stand out in a crowded market even when you are not known.
  • How to craft your expert positioning story that will have only your ideal client wanting to work with you before you have sold them anything. 
  • How to be seen as the go to AUTHORITY in your industry and be different to everybody else.

Section #5: Dream Clients

  • How to identify exactly who your dream client is.
  • How to set the criteria these people must meet before they are even allowed to work with you so only work with people who light you up, make you happy and pay YOUR prices.
  • How to find out exactly where these ideal clients hang out so you can show up there.

Section #6: Marketing

  • How to find clients for free without attending networking events and looking desperate.
  • How to leverage paid and free Social Media strategies to promote your business even if you are not that great at it.
  • How to find other people's products and services to sell on their behalf and make a big commission from!

Section #7: Opportunity 

  • What 'recession proof' opportunities are available to Certified Client Acquisition Specialists™ right now!
  • How to become a Certified Client Acquisition Specialist™ and start having more money, time and freedom to do the things you love!

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